What’s Your Interior Design Style: A Breakdown of Styles


Finding your design style is the first step to creating a home that is perfect for you.

That’s why we created our very own Interior Design Style Quiz to help you pinpoint your style and create a home that reflects that! Our quiz reflects our studio’s 5 Signature Design Styles that we abide by.

Click the Design Style below to learn more about each style.

California Casual

Warm Minimalist

Modern Bohemian

Organic Modern

New Traditionalist

California Casual

Design elements: Laid-back, Relaxed textiles, Natural elements

Stores to Shop: Amber Interiors, West Elm, Lulu and Georgia, Burke Decor

California Casual (or California Cool) is a light and airy design style that is both relaxed and effortless.

Cali Casual interiors are known for their neutral color palette while incorporate natural textiles and textures inspired by the coast. Think worn linen, rattan or cane, dried desert plants, and wood (primarily light or white-washed woods in order to keep the space feeling light and airy). They also normally have a unique piece of furniture, architect, or structure, like an octagonal coffee table or a leather sling-back accent chair. This adds to the “cool” and “effortless” style.

Shop our picks for California Casual style here.

Warm Minimalist

Design elements: Minimal, Clean lines, Scandinavian

Stores to shop: Ikea, Sundays, Project 62 Collection - Target

Minimalism is an interior design style that utilizes structure and function to create peaceful and simple spaces.

Because of that, the pieces in this style are normally simple and clean with very little additional embellishes.

Warm Minimalism uses natural elements to warm up the space. This design style is very similar to Scandinavian, in which it utilizes natural textiles such as wood, worn linen, and textured rugs to help create a home that is clutter-free, warm, and inviting.

Because of its simple nature, the Warm Minimalist Design Style blends very well with other interior design styles by creating an open and clean atmosphere while still allowing the distinct interior personality to show.

Check out all our favorite Warm Minimalist pieces here.

Modern Bohemian

Design elements: Colorful, layers, natural elements

Stores to shop: World Market, Opalhouse - Target, Wayfair

You have a natural love for eclectic pieces, can’t wait to get your hands on your next cozy Moroccan rug, and feel just at home sitting on the floor of your living room as you do on the couch.

Modern Bohemian (or Modern Boho) is a playful and eclectic style mixed with mid-century modern silhouettes.

This style heavily leans on patterns, colors, and textures to bring warmth and interest into the space. But due to its modern blend, also utilize structured silhouettes and muted tones to keep the looks simple and clean.

While these two design styles (modern and boho) seem quite on the opposite end of the spectrum, when done correctly, they effortlessly blend together to create a cohesive, warm and inviting space.

See a cozy take on the Modern Bohemian style here.

Organic Modern

Design elements: Earthy, Textures, Warm

Stores to Shop: Zara Home, Article, Target Home,

You love having easy access to the outdoors, love incorporating natural elements in your home, and can’t get enough of your plant babies!

Organic Modern is a design style that starts with a canvas of modern architecture and layers on natural and organic materials to create a warm, welcoming, and earthy feel.

Because of its organic nature, this interior design style blends wells with others, to bring a balanced mix of natural textures and elements to the space.

You may see a lot of floor-to-window movable doors with the Organic Modern style, as well as nature being used as actual pieces of furniture, such as a tree stump for a side table or large rocks as decor.

Learn more about Organic Modern style, and bring the look home here.

New Traditionalist

Design Elements: Classic elements, Vintage-inspired, Modern silhouettes

Stores to shop: McGee and Co, Pottery Barn, Studio McGee - Target, Threshold Collection at Target

You love mixing vintage and modern elements, want your place to feel as charming as you are, and are a sucker for Studio McGee’s Home Collection.

New Traditionalist is an interior design style that beautifully blends traditional and modern elements together.

This style heavily leans on incorporating vintage pieces and classic silhouettes to bring character and interest into the space. But due to its modern blend, it also utilizes structured silhouettes and muted tones to keep the look feeling timeless.

New Traditionalist style also incorporates neutral tones, vintage-style accents like aged vases and traditional rugs, and pieces that have a bit of character and interest, like a textured vase, or slipcover couches and chairs.

See how to add the New Traditionalist style to your home here.

Which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure to follow us on Pinterest to see more of these styles!

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