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Is E-Design right for me?

You may be asking yourself this question and today we’re going to help you answer it! (And take you inside our Virtual Interior Design services)

We’re firm believers that everyone should have access to a beautiful home -- while the interior design is normally designated as a luxury service, there are increasingly more and more affordable ways to bring your dream home to life.

E-Design is one of them! So what exactly is E-design?

  • E-design, or virtual interior design, are terms for design services that are conducted completely online! Maybe a year ago that would’ve seemed insane, but I think the whole world has learned that post-pandemic we can pretty much do anything. 


E-design is best for…

  • If you need direction in bringing your space together and creating a cohesive home

  • If you need help with figuring out the best layout for your home (especially if your home has interesting crooks and crannies!)

  • If you need help imagining how pieces will look together (and want to avoid and/or are tired of spending time and money buying and returning)

  • If you don’t mind implementing your plan once the design has been completed

While every e-design service differs per designer, we wanted to break down our process for you. We use a 4 step process to help bring our clients home to life. Our process is collaborative, and requires a little bit of work from you on the front end to ensure that we have the everything we need from you to help create a design for your home.

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Phase 1 : Design Discovery

We begin the process with an in-depth virtual consultation to learn more about your project needs and vision for your space. A home is a reflection of who you are, so we’ll dive into your story, walk through your inspiration, and chat about your budget and project needs. Since this is virtual, you’ll use our easy step-by-step guide to provide us with the measurements, photos, and videos of your space prior to the call.

Moodboard Concept Boards + Layout.png

Phase 2: Design Vision

After learning all about you and your project needs, the next phase is the Design Vision! This step is essential when creating a home that feels complete and cohesive and will speak to the furniture items we select. We start by gathering all the info and inspiration from your consult to create a mood board concept and layout plan that will guide the direction of your space. We then get your approval on both items to ensure that we are on the same page before we begin sourcing.

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Phase 3: Design Creation

Once the vision + layout plan has been established, then the design creation begins! This is where we pull actual furniture selections, window treatments, and/or fixtures to bring the vision to life. We create 3 different design concepts for you to choose from with furniture selections along with a realistic 3D rendering of our recommended concept for you to see how the pieces will actually look in your space. There may be a few rounds of revisions here to ensure we land on a home design that you love.

Phase 4: Design Implementation

After we’ve settled on a design concept you love, it’s time for us to wrap up the project and hand it over to you! You will now have everything you need to begin shopping and bringing your dream home to life on your own timeline. Our final deliverables to you will be the final design plan with a master shopping list, layout plan, and a detailed implementation & style guide for you to know where everything will go. If you’d rather us take care of this part and purchase it on your behalf, we’d be happy to help with an additional fee.


Want to see one of our favorite projects from start to finish? Click here!

We hope that was helpful and you gained insight into how virtual interior design can work for you! Have any questions? Leave us a comment below.

CQ Interiors is a virtual interior design studio for new homeowners and renters. Bringing warm, relaxed and contemporary design to interiors, we craft dream spaces for our clients that inspire and restore the soul.   Want to work together? Shoot us an inquiry here.

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