8 Black-Owned Home Businesses to Shop


As a Black-owned interior design studio, we understand the importance of representation in the home and design industry.

So today, we’re taking some time to uplift and highlight a few of our favorite Black-owned home businesses for you to shop. Some of these businesses we’ve personally bought from and others we’re so excited to try!

At the end of the day, it’s no secret that consumer power is… well, powerful. By supporting Black businesses we can help promote entrepreneurial equity, close the racial wealth gap, and create opportunities for black communities. So as you read through the list and shop, we hope you give the same love to these Black home businesses as much as you do to ours!

8 Black-Owned Home Businesses to Shop

High Desert Studio

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High Desert Studio is an art studio by artist and interior designer Jordan Nicole. I discovered her studio after McGee and Co. announced their partnership and am so pleased that we did! The composition of her paintings are balanced in both playful fluidity and intentional mark-making on raw canvas. With a curated color palette of neutral hues and earth-toned pigments found in the high desert and California coast, her paintings express a common emotion of tranquility for those drawn to her work.

Alexandra Winbrush Candles

I stumbled upon Alexandra Winbrush’s candles on Instagram and instantly fell in love! Founded in Brooklyn, NY by Brittney Alexandra Winbush, the brand has an incredible story with an incredible brand to match. These candles are both beautiful to the eye and to the soul, with endearing names and poetic descriptions that speak to you like summer love songs. The candles are made out of a soy wax blend which makes them non-toxic, natural, and healthier for you and your home.

Restoration House

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Restoration House, a book and brand crafted by Kennesha Poe-Buycks, is one of the best design books I am so happy to own. Kennesha, interior designer, does an incredible job of connecting with the reader and bringing you into her design world, and how it goes hand in hand with her faith. She also includes so many great tips to bring your cohesive home together. Make sure you also check out her @restorationhouseshop for curated antique and vintage finds as well!

Laguna Candles

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Laguna Candles is a beautifully unique candle brand that aims to create a clean-burning ambiance for your home. They have a ceramic candle collection that is absolutely stunning, with intricate marble patterns that can serve as incredible decor. The candles themselves are made out of a natural coconut soy wax blend and aims to settle the mind and bring peace to your home.


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K-apostrophe is a beautiful artisan using the highest quality of natural and ethically sourced materials. She creates prints, throw blankets, throw pillows, tapestries, notebooks, and original art. We stumbled upon her throw pillows and immediately fell in love with the beauty and intricate designs. Casual, comfortable and affordable, each textile item is made to order just for you by loving hands.

Eneia White Interiors

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Eneia White has quickly grown to be one of our favorite designers! With an incredible eye, a friendly and open spirit, and a luxe and contemporary design style, her work has us swooning and wishing for me. Based in New York, she founded her design firm three years ago and quickly rose to the top of her field. Her incredible design work has caught the attention of industry tastemakers like Domino and Architectural Digest.

Clare Paint

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Clare Paint, founded by designer Nicole Gibbons, is on a mission to make paint shopping easy and inspiring. They have great, quality paints that come in easy-to-use kits that are zero VOC and Greenguard Gold certified. They offer a wide variety of options with a fun quiz to help you narrow down the paint color that’s right for you!

Lolly Lolly Ceramics

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Lolly Lolly Ceramics is a studio based in Columbus, OH created by founder Lalese. What started as an 100 day challenge to create a new type of mug every day, transformed into a stunning collection of sculptural ceramic mugs that we all can’t wait to get our hands on.

Have a Black-owned Home business you’d like us to feature? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list!

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