The 2021 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For



As your design besties, we’re constantly seeking inspiration and staying up to date on the latest trends for your home.

It’s our job to make your space feel fresh and inviting (while incorporating your design style and making your home perfect for you). Not to mention, it’s super interesting to watch how trends change and shift over time and pay attention to what’s in (white oak), what’s out (cherry cabinets), and what’s old but making a comeback (remember Tantarine?).

There are a few trends happening this year that we’ve had our eyes on and today we’re going to be sharing them with you. So keep reading to get the details on the trends of 2021 and how you can incorporate them into your own home.

2021 Interior Design Trends We’re Currently Loving



Less is more is a mantra that’s back and here to stay. Designers everywhere are ditching their overly stacked shelves and cluttered kitchen for a clean, simple, and open look. Even some intricate details in architecture are being switched for subtle softer ones.

California-inspired living

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LA is in, as more homes across the globe seek inspiration from the Cali-casual West Coast vibe. This laid-back luxury style of relaxed textiles, white oak floors, and a light and airy feel is showing up more and more in designs, renovations, and pieces everywhere.

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Multi-toned kitchen cabinets

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While we will always love the look of clean white cabinets, we’ve been admiring the beautiful use of color that’s been popping up in our kitchen inspirations. Especially in earthy tones like dark green, navy blue, and even a moody gray. The dreamy two-toned kitchens are on the rise!

Earthy and organic elements

In 2021, we’re bringing the outside in and loving it. Earthy and organic elements are a huge trend right now, focusing on raw wood, natural materials, and earth-inspired tones.

Vintage/antique-inspired artisans


Old is the new new, with a deep love and appreciation for vintage, antique and classic styles. There is a surge of mixing modern and traditional together, and blending contemporary and vintage pieces in a way that truly adds character and tells a story in your home.

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Arches are back in a big way in not only architecture but also furniture pieces as well. The soft rounded detail makes quite a statement and we’ve been seeing it everywhere from doorways, built-in shelves, to even decor items.

While trends are a great way to stay up to date on the market and to keep your space feeling fresh, it’s also important to lean into your own style to help you create a home that feels timeless and the most you.

What do you think? Are you more partial to trends or like to keep your home feeling timeless? Let us know in the comments below!

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